dogzilla30 (dogzilla30) wrote,

NaNoWriMo Day # 25

On Sunday I went to Weilands, Kroger and Giant Eagle looking for sugar pumpkins or pie pumpkins to make pumpkin puree for the cheesecake.  I struck out.  Finally found some at the North Market that I had put on hold yesterday and picked up at lunchtime today.  I did not know it would take me about 30 - 45 minutes to deseed them and scrape all the stringy stuff out.  So writing began a bit late.

But I wrote.  :)  Got down 298 words for a total word count of 34867.  I probably won't get to my write-in tomorrow since I will be baking the cheesecake (takes an hour and a half) but if I use Write or Die to do sprints I should make more progress.  The really odd thing... a character mentioned in passing several chapters ago suddenly sprung up again and I think she knows something about the fairies that are about to visit my main character.  Eeek!  Or Hurray?  :)

Tags: food, nanowrimo, writing

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