dogzilla30 (dogzilla30) wrote,


We had a holiday party this afternoon at work.  And it had a lot of surprises including the funniest musical chairs I've ever witnessed.

I meant to make a cherry cake last night but only put in half of the flour so it was flat like bars instead of cake.  So I called it bars instead.  I was one of the first place winners in the bake-off!  Other winners included peach kuchen and pumpkin drop cookies.  We all won $25 Best Buy gift cards.  (I guess even with my screw-up it tasted good!)  We had a Karaoke contest and the winner was someone no one knew could sing.  She sang Mercedes Benz acapella.  The song wasn't even on the playlist which probably doesn't qualify as Karaoke.  :)

And they said we could leave early and we actually go to!


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