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Weekend Almost Over

The weekend has been a mostly peaceful one. Friday at work we had a five person cookie exchange and I got to leave a half hour early to burn up the last of my vacation time for the year.

Saturday we went to my husband's extended family Christmas get together. This year instead of drawing names we brought a wrapped movie (one of our favorites) and then drew numbers. Then we picked and unwrapped a movie or stole someone else's movie. Hubby and I were the only two to write something about why that was one of our favorite movies.

We got home too late for the single screen theater around the corner so I got a glass of wine and started reading Sweetsmoke. It was nice to just relax and not feel obligated by the tv or the internet.

Today has been a staying home around the house kind of day. There was freezing rain last night and hubby tried to rake up as much of the leaves as he could but a lot them were frozen to the ground. We watched Birds of America this afternoon and haven't done much.