dogzilla30 (dogzilla30) wrote,

A Hot Time In The Old Town Tonight! Fire! Fire! Fire!

I woke up at 4:30am to find my husband coming to bed.  He got thirsty or something and woke up.  Then I smelled smoke and for the next hour we tried to determine the source of it.  When I saw smoke that looked like clouds coming from down the street I knew it was close but not too close.

Turned out to be a three-alarm fire at the condos being built down the street.  It may have been the fuel tanks going off making a popping noise that woke up hubby.  With the low temperature and the wind chill, each time the fire department sprayed their water hoses it turned to ice.  They got it under control around 5:30am.  Power was out on the street, there is a sheet of ice on the street and a few streets have been blocked off. 

When I got home tonight at 9pm the police were still around the area blocking off traffic.  No one was injured in the fire.  Some of the firefighters slipped on the ice.  Our cable, phone and internet was down this morning but it all appears to be working now.

Hubby mentioned tonight we're getting our money's worth of natural disasters since moving to this neighborhood.  In a year and a half we've had a blizzard, hurricane Ike winds and now this.  The most exciting disaster that happened in Grandview was when a pickup truck caught fire underneath the hood and crashed into our dumpster in the alleyway.  There was an ice storm too but it wasn't exciting.  We couldn't get our cars out - I worked from home via my work laptop.

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