dogzilla30 (dogzilla30) wrote,

Wheee! Slush!

Last night's freezing rain is slowly turning into slush.  Sammy slid down the driveway and turned backwards facing me.  It was pretty funny.  Walking back up the driveway later was not fun.  I let him go since I knew he would just go up our slate path to the side porch.  He kept sliding down the driveway which made his progress slow.  He was only supposed to go across the driveway!  I went on the sidewalk and up the steps.  We met up at the top. 

His nails are sharp pointy things that stick straight out.  I've nicknamed him Wolverine but the name won't last much longer.  (I'm making an appointment for him today.) 

Last night I made peanut brittle and some chewy cherry cookies.  Once again he went ballistic when the mixer was turned on.  While the cookies were coming out of the oven to cool he kept trying to steal them.  This time I used parchment paper which was a big help in making the cooking process faster.  I only had one cookie sheet since the other was used for peanut brittle.

There is a power line down on my way to work.  And I need to wrap something for my supervisor so I better skedaddle!
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