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Weekend Update

Two weekends ago I made Nigella Lawson's pancake recipe which got rave reviews from hubby.  He said they were the best pancakes I'd ever made.  We had them for dinner.  :)

This year I want to try some new things.  Right now I am keeping a food diary so I'll see how long it holds up.  I think it will be one way to make sure there is variety in our meals. 

Saw some movies but nothing that made me think "Wow".

I went to Polaris today for lunch with my friend from Wisconsin and to return some gifts.  Though I was never inside the actual mall I was surprised by the crowds.  One slip at Barnes and Noble and I could have been mowed over by someone on their way to a good deal.  Picked up The Story of Edgar Sawtelle (which I've been wanting since August) for about $15.