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Last night after work was so much fun!  I made dinner right away.  We had salads, blackened chicken and mashed taters.  I had not made the blackened chicken before and there were two cooking methods given.  I went with the one that gave off the least amount of smoke and the first floor still smells like blackened chicken. lol

Hubby reminded me that I said we could go to Best Buy and so we did.  I fiddled with my new GPS that kept telling me the closest Best Buy was 92 miles away.  It had no Best Buys listed in Columbus at all.  At Best Buy I got a NaNo Reward (Pink CD) and pooled gift cards/store credits to get Little Big Planet for our Playstation 3. 

At home we played the game in multiplayer.  Hubby was the main sock boy and I was his "fwiend"; so he could pause the game but I couldn't.  We explored on a few levels and just had fun being goofy.  My sock girl has a more expressive face than his.  When she is the happiest she almost looks rabid because of the wide mouth and the tongue that sticks out.  Right now we're wearing Edwardian Clothes and I have a bunny tail.  Learning how to play is its own fun.  We were trying to do a climbing level race when I grabbed  hubby's character and took him off the cliff with me.  Um... grabbing objects is not my strong suit.  :)
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