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Things you Notice

My husband says that I always observe the strangest things. I think it's because I like to people watch.

Today I noticed for the first time, that a nearby park has a hill that is perfect for sledding. It slopes gently up and gives the person many feet of travel from the top to the bottom. I've never been to this park, but my husband went to it once. He had a cookout with some co-workers there when he worked at an independent bookstore. Actually, I'm fairly certain he didn't work there anymore, but we've kept in contact with several of the people that worked there. I suppose they shouldn't be called co-workers but friends. Or ex-co-workers.

I noticed about two weeks ago that Goodale Blvd. is actually Goodale St. and wondered when that happened. Today I found out that I was not incorrect in my original thought. By my area of town, it's Goodale Blvd. After you cross Olentangy River Rd. where the street bends a little bit, the name changes to Goodale St.

Today I went to the library and passed a building that had some people talking outside the front. It was cold and I could see their breath. It was the Faith Mission. I didn't realize it was so close to the library. It's just a few blocks away.

Last night my husband took me to a local semi-fancy restaurant for dinner. I hadn't been there since it opened. He got the meatloaf and I got the cedar plank salmon. It, along with the spinach and mashed taters were yummy. I even got chocolate mousse for dessert. I was a little tipsy from the glass of wine I had with my meal. When exiting the restaurant, my husband pushed me back towards the door. Several men ran past and he said in a low voice, "That guy has a gun!"

It was one of the coolest things ever! Scary, but cool. There were about 4 or 5 men, undercover policemen, who were running into the wine shop at the end of the street. An older man in a black trench coat got out of his car, and sauntered up to the front, keeping his eye on his surroundings, just like you see on television. I have yet to write about it in one of my notepads. We think the clerk set off an alarm. We got into our car as the undercover police were coming out of the store and starting to blend back in. I'll check the neighborhood news the next two weeks; it should be listed in there what happened.

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