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Banana Bread
Originally uploaded by Lanadena
Yesterday was a Very Good Day. I finally found the paddle for my breadmachine. Over the weekend I contacted Black and Decker to find out they no longer made the paddle but they were willing to offer me another breadmachine at a discount. Didn't want to spend the money on a new one since I knew the paddle was around here somewhere.

Tonight I made a sweet bread (those are miniloaves) and we'll take some to work. I didn't use the bread machine though since this required a quick mixing of ingredients (no hand mixer to drive Sammy crazy) and no rising time.



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Jan. 9th, 2009 04:19 am (UTC)
Note to self: handmixers potentially upset Ein. Good to know! You are the source of my knowledge of Corgis, although the Puppy Class teacher has passed on a lot of general knowledge about behavior modification.

Jan. 9th, 2009 04:38 am (UTC)
Sammy may just be a freak. He barks at a ringing phone, the food processor, the hand mixer, my hair dryer and the alarm clock. Zilla only barked at the cable box when it rebooted or he was startled. Because we had him so young we were able to train him to stop barking with the command "No Bark". Training Sammy to stop barking has not been going well. Sammy is also a talker while Zilla was more of a grumbler and sigher. :) Ein can still be anything at this point!
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