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Friday night hubby went out with friends so I began tackling the mess I've been letting pile up on the dining room table. Sammy went to the groomers for a nail trim. One of the ladies who work there was leaving work and recognized him. For dinner I had a bag of microwave popcorn. On bed. How decadent!

Actually the big surprise of the night was Sammy. He (like Zilla) goes crazy for popcorn. I had emptied the bag into a bowl and was on the bed watching tv, eating out of the bowl. Sammy was so well behaved. Granted, his nose was practically touching the bowl, but he did not grab any popcorn until I dropped a piece into the bowl. And then he zeroed in on the piece he thought dropped and only took that one. He listened to me and obeyed when I told him to back up.

Saturday I took the Christmas scarf off Sammy that had been there for almost two weeks. Now he has a little green ring around his neck. He was the butt of a lot of our jokes. Of course since Sammy only understands a few words he took it all in stride.

Sunday was a day of culinary disasters. I was going to make ricotta pancakes but the ricotta had gone bad early and I didn't have the ingredients to make it from scratch. Of course I found out about the ricotta after I'd separated the eggs. Jamie Oliver to the rescue! His pancakes were quick to make compared to the coffee cakes that I could have made. They were only slightly better than the last time I made them - they still tasted a bit eggy to me. Then I made my mother's friend taters which are quartered, fried in oil and topped with paprika. They are so unhealthy I have them once a year or every other year. And of course I burned the skins and cut parts while the insides were perfect.

My mind has been all over the place the last day or so. I think it means it is time to start writing again!
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