dogzilla30 (dogzilla30) wrote,

War on Mouse!

Some of you may recall when we had two mice in our apartment, we discovered two out of two mice prefer suicide over being rehabilitated.  (They went for the non-humane traps.)  Now we have our first Clintonville mouse.  (Lots of mice in these old houses.)  We think our neighbor got rid of mice and one of them went in through the hole in the wall for the air conditioning unit. 

It's a soot colored fellow that I've nicknamed "Presto" for his magical abilities.  He completely ignores the humane trap but loves to play with the killer ones.  We found out the purchased brand is difficult to trip.  Yet Presto manages to do it.  He's eaten peanut butter and croissant with no problem.  He's yanked on dental floss and moved a trip several inches only to get the goody.  And last night he tripped two killer traps that were side by side.

If the bugger doesn't die or become rehabilitated soon we may have to resort to a borrowed ferrett (I'm almost as allergic to them as I am cats but these ferrets like mice snacks).

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