dogzilla30 (dogzilla30) wrote,

Early Arrival?

This weekend I noticed bird poo on the front porch which made me ask my husband if the morning doves were back.  Then a few days later I see Papa bird on the wire by our house.  A little bit later I hear cooing from the front porch.  She's probably trying to build the nest in the corner again.  Maybe fall of 2010 we'll get a nesting place put up for them since they seem to be returning.

Had lines for a poem going through my head on my walk.  There's an author talk I may go to tonight.  But I feel guilty if I don't buy a copy of the book.  Or I could go to my writing session.  Or I could just sit on the couch.

Made "potato slabs" last night that were really good.  Disks of spiced potato goodness topped with colby jack cheese and bacon.  Yummy.  Except for the bacon they tasted kind of healthy.

I woke at 5:45am to the sound of Sammy licking.  I nearly told him to knock it off and to wait an hour but instead I just snuggled more under the blankets.  Today is the second day of rain.  We're supposed to be back to snow on Saturday. 
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