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Weekend Update

Friday I called into work because I had a huge lump in my throat.  Didn't feel great at all.  I slept most of the morning and made myself get out of bed at 1:30pm.  A few hours later I discovered the hose to our ice maker came out and water was all over the counter between the stove and the refrigerator.  And of course water ended up in the basement.  I had no idea how to fix it.  Hubby came home early from work.  As it turns out, the hose won't stay so we either have to get it fixed or not have ice from the machine.

Saturday watched Tin Man and the last two episodes of Battlestar Galactica Season Three.  The reveal of four (possibly five) more cylons was exciting to say the least.  I remember in the first season there was a blood test to determine if a person was a cylon or not.  Wonder if some of them got missed or had a different type of chemical makeup.

Hubby came in from the morning walk to say our garage had been tagged.  Makes me want to knock some skulls together.  I want to help hubby clean it but I know he'll refuse the help.

Friday morning Sammy had a bad start.  We were about half done with our morning walk and he heard the garbage and recycling trucks.  He refused to walk further and  ended up popping out of his collar and leash.  Sammy took off at full speed down the sidewalk.  I walked after him and then called to him.  Luckily he looked at me and then sat down when I told him too.  I called him to me and (what a shocker!) he came.  I put his collar back on and then carried him down the street.  When I set him down again his little legs were going as fast as they could.  When I was making breakfast he was trembling.  Poor little guy. 

I know Sammy is hardwired to listen to his instincts.  That's why he barks and I can't get him to be quiet.  So I was really surprised he came running back to me when I called him.

I was planning on making hamburger buns today.  Now I'm not so certain I feel like doing anything at all.

Read Devil in a Blue Dress and Kitty Goes to Washington this weekend.
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