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Not As I Planned...

Sammy had quite the evening.  He went to the groomers where he was attacked with coos, pets and rubs.  One lady was there with her beagle for training and she had a red and white corgi a long time ago.  She followed us into the grooming section and then came back later to pet him some more.  When I left Sammy he was jumping up and down behind the counter trying to get more pets before one of the ladies who loves him picked him up and took him to the back.

When I returned he was in the DIY grooming section helping the groomer get everything closed up for the night.  By the way he was leaning up against the glass door I could tell he was happy to see me.  She let him loose and he tried to get me to let him out so he could run wild in the store.  I didn't fall for his tricks.  As she brought his collar and leash for him she said that he was very good about his nails.  Then she impersonated the crying noises her corgi makes when the feet are even touched.  Corgis are characters.

I took some pictures Sunday and today of Sammy with our new camera that has a special pet/kids feature which lets me do some closeups of him.  There is a video of him acting calm and trying to figure out what to do next.  But I haven't figured out how to get it off the memory card yet (all the pictures were removed just fine).

Except for a brief visit with me he's been waiting by the front door for my husband.  This wasn't exactly what I had in mind when I thought another corgi would make me less lonely when my hubby is gone.

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