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My dog has been barking off and on for the last half hour. I wish that I could muzzle him when he gets like this. I know he's just letting me know he feels there is something "wrong" or that people outside are making too much noise, but after a while it gets ridiculous.

Monday I ended up seeing Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events and House of Flying Daggers. We were going to have lunch at the Press Grill but we got there and they were closed for their staff Christmas party. We ate at the Elements Grille next door and it was okay. I had a gyro with onion rings and my husband had their Cincinnati style chili on linguini. We had planned on going to see A Very Long Engagement but were kind of bushed after the second movie. We had planned on going out with a friend but she canceled because it was supposed to snow and she doesn't drive well in it. We drove to Karen Wickliffe's books but they closed at 5:30pm. We were going to go to a turkish restaurant but starting that day, they were closed on Mondays. Regardless, I had a wonderful day.

When I returned to work, I felt very blissful and like nothing could ruin my sense of tranquility.

Within an hour my main customer was complaining to me... and we got into arguments the rest of the week. The only way my manager has figured out to fix the problems is to give me and some people to her full-time so the quality issues can go away. I let him know that I've been looking for another job; it wouldn't be fair to have him go to the customer and say, "I know I promised you could have her undivided attention for three months, but she's found another job and is leaving us."

Thursday we were supposed to see some movies at my husband's work but he called in sick so we didn't go. He called in sick on Friday too.

My writing group has a book of the month club. The book for December is Confessions of a Shopaholic. It could have been really horrible but it wasn't. Of the five books nominated for January, I suggested one of them. For February, I've nominated three books so far... I am wondering if I scared people off with my tastes.

I've managed to finish the fifth season of Buffy and am nearly done with the second season of Angel.

This afternoon I have something planned which has my nerves in a knot, yet it doesn't. Maybe I've just interviewed so many people in the last year and a half that it doesn't affect me the way it used to. We're going to my husband's work tonight to see some movies. We Won't Grow Old Together and SomethingI Can'tPronounceBecauseIDon'tKnowFrench. :) He's still feeling under the weather so we might just stay home and finish the Angel season.

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