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Food Adventures

This has been a few weeks of food adventures for me and not all have been successful.

One weekend I decided to make some of the things I saw in Eat This! Not That! which included strips of chicken breast as a substitute for chicken wings. The idea was good and may have executed better on a real grill instead of the smallish George Foreman we have. I thought I would try some sweet potato fries too. I used a little bit of one recipe and little bit of another. Some ended up burnt but I could taste the difference between them and the regular fries I made. Sweet potatos are a vegetable that did not make it into my parents' house. Nope. Not even at Thanksgiving.

One night I made a super easy chicken stir-fry in our wok. It had not been used since we moved here and still had Zilla hair on it. (It had been sitting on top of Zilla's crate in the basement until we brought Sammy home.) When hubby brought the leftovers for lunch in the ladies at work said his lunch looked better than theirs.

This weekend I used the wok again to make Kung Pao Chicken. It was really good. I even ate some peanuts with it but the look my husband was giving me looked so sad and worried that I put the rest of the peanuts on his plate.

I went to two cooking classes this month. I know I mentioned the first one already but I don't think I've given any details on the second one. It was a knife skills class teaching us how to care and use our knives. (It included sharpening them as well.) Then we got to really use them. Dicing and chopping, we came up with the ingredients for French Onion Soup, a potato and leek (yet another veggie never seen in my parents house) soup and garlic bread. The thought of onion soup always turned me off. It made me think of the hot onion concoction my mother made us drink when we were sick. (*insert super sour face here*) This soup was great. And the garlic bread was the best ever. I watched the sou chef make it and I thought, "How could I ever buy frozen garlic bread again after seeing how easy that was?"

On Sunday we were supposed to go to Marysville to have lunch with my parents at Old Bag of Nails. My dad's birthday was yesterday and we were going to celebrate it early. Because of the weather they asked if they could come over instead on Sunday. I said sure and came up with a winter salad (based on what I had at my first cooking class), pork tenderloin, green beans with red taters, and sugar free vanilla pudding. Let me tell you... it sounds like it was a lot of work but was probably one of the easiest meals I made in a while.

Yesterday a Corgi cookie cutter arrived in the mail. It's a cute little Pembroke. Now I want to make some sugar cookies!

Today I found out about Eric Ripert's site and bookmarked it. He does a dinner social thing every few months where people make the recipes and send in the pictures. But Eric also outlines when you should buy stuff and the order you should start making everything. Very cool.
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