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Blogging had an article today on Blogging and the couple that made some of the first client software for it. My husband had mentioned to me that I might like a different format where I can post what book I'm reading or the album I'm listening to at a glance. I like the idea, but I figure the only way I can do it is to either pay for my LiveJournal account or really get into customizing the look which I might have to pay for. Either way, it costs money. I found a style I liked but it's not on LiveJournal. It's on TypePad which was used in an article of The Onion. I can't really view other people's LiveJournal's unless I know their IDs so I've been kind of stuck for inspiration on how to change the way mine looks.

I've been using LochJournal as my client software and I found out today it only detects music in WinAmp. I had to laugh at that as I don't have WinAmp installed. In fact, I haven't had WinAmp in years. So, now you know I really do listen to music when typing up things in my LiveJournal - you just can't know what it is I listen to!

The neighbors on one side of us are gone. They were rather quiet as far as neighbors go. The maintenance men are working on the basement today. I wonder if they will put in central air conditioning like they have with the other apartments recently?

Well, that's all I can think of for now.

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