dogzilla30 (dogzilla30) wrote,

It's Writo de Mayo Time!

During Writo de Mayo is when nanoljers decide their writing goal for the month and strive to complete it.  Last year my goal was to write a new short story based on a writing prompt.  Every day.  :)

This year my goal is to finish up the 2nd draft of my 2008 NaNo.  So how did I spend my time this evening?

Procrastinating!  I thought, "You know... you really wanted to apply for The Columbus Literary Awards from the Thurber House and Greater Columbus Arts Council... and the application is due there by Monday..." 

It was something I was thinking of having as a goal for Writo de Mayo but I went with the other one instead.  I found the piece I'd like to submit but it needs a lot of revising.  I submitted it to my then on-line writing group in 2005 and hadn't picked it up since.  It has potential, though.

Tags: writing, writo de mayo

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