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Catching Up

The interview I had at Time Warner went well on Saturday. I was supposed to hear something today but haven't so I can only guess he's either really busy (he knew Wednesday - Friday would be busy this week) or I didn't get the job. He did say that if it didn't work out, he'd keep me in mind for another job because I was smart and had good skills. (Which kind of reminds me of Napoleon Dynamite.)

We didn't go to the movies though I can't recall what we did. I think we just stayed home.

Sunday I picked up Running with Scissors and I finished it in just a few hours. Just when you think things can't get any worse or more absurd they do. I've already begun to read Shopgirl which I should have finished in a few more days.

My main customer has been a pain in my behind (yes... it is only Tuesday!).

On Monday I went to a book reading for Funny in Farsi. I bought a copy of the book afterwards and had her sign it. One thing I took away from the reading is that everyone finds their way to an agent differently. I had a little bit of everything at the reception afterwards but couldn't tell you what much of anything was. Hummus and meat kabobs are all that I could identify.

We had dinner at Old Bag of Nails then went to the movies and saw Assault on Precint 13. All I can say is Wow. Ethan Hawke does a great job playing cops.

Tonight I got to play EverQuest but because I died towards the end, after everyone left, I didn't get to watch any of my shows. I just hope no one gives anything away at work or on the radio tomorrow morning. I can't stand that!

I got a phone call today about a job I applied for on 12/20/04 with my husband's employer. I have an interview on Groundhog Day. I haven't applied to many places so it's good that people are starting to call me for interviews. It feels nice.

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