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Suspicious Behavior

When Sammy doesn't act right I should know something is up.

He usually comes into the bathroom when I wash my hair.  And he always comes in to bark at me to tell me how much he doesn't approve of the hair dryer.

While I was drying off from my shower he went downstairs and got up to no good.  When my hair was in the state that could barely be called dry I went into the kitchen.  I found the bag of groceries I left dragged across the floor.  He opened up a bag of whole wheat hamburger buns and was in the process of eating the last one.  I yelled his name and he regurgitated what was on the way down.  (The equivalent of two buns.)  Which he proceeded to clean up while I got a paper towel.

Now I'm going to be spending my afternoon/evening taking him on frequent walks.

Seriously... this dog is a walking stomach.



May. 25th, 2009 08:51 pm (UTC)
We've decided to give Ein the run of the house, and no disasters yet (we puppy-proofed pretty heavily). But it still makes me nervous when I can't hear him, even though these days that usually means, "I am snoozing" or "I am staring at birds and bunnies in the yard." For months, though, it meant, "I am getting in trouble and don't want you to check on me just now."