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Weird Day

Whenever I take my husband to the airport for an early flight I get to listen to the BBC News on the radio and I usually see something odd on my way home.

We got up at 5am and were in the car by 6.  I dropped hubby off and drove back home.  On this trip I saw a tall black man in a black dress standing on High Street waiting to cross the street near the 5th avenue light.  The dress was quite formal looking for the hour and looked like it fit him very well.

I went to the grocery store and it was really the best time to go.  Hardly anyone was there and there was no wait at the checkout.  My mother-in-law is having surgery on Thursday.  Her stress fracture didn't get better with a cast on it so the doctors are putting a pin in her leg.  She'll be practically immobile for 6 weeks. 

I was planning on having a little birthday get together for family the first weekend in June but decided not to.  (1) It's the only weekend in June we don't have something planned and (2) my mother-in-law is a June birthday and it would suckk not to be able to go to your own birthday party.

Most of my grocery shopping was for stuff I'm making for my in-laws.  She does most of the cooking for my father-in-law and his parents.  Obviously she's not going to be able to cook from a hospital bed in the living room.  So I'm making Macaroni and Beef, 3 Cheese Macaroni, Turkey Sloppy Joes and North Carolina Style Barbecue Chicken for their freezer later today.

Once I got home and unpacked most of the groceries (just two bags were left on the floor - one bag with pasta and canned stuff and one bag with buns and bamboo skewers - if Sammy had been able to open the pasta I know he would have eaten it too) I was still awake.

It was 8:30am I think.  I tried to watch a Scary Godmother DVD but couldn't get all the way through it.  The voices just weren't what I was imagining when reading the books.  I got some email correspondence taken care of did a workout.  At 1pm I took an hour nap.

The air conditioning has been on but it's always hotter upstairs than downstairs.  From my workout and nap I was sweaty so I took a bath, discovered the missing hamburger buns, and then took Sammy to the pet food store.  Originally I was planning on walking but I wasn't sure if they had special hours today or not.

Sammy and his bloated hamburger bun belly did very well at the store.  A Jack Russell puppy played around with him.  A rottweiler gave Sammy kisses.  It was the mellowest dog.  Apparently Sammy was the third Corgi to come into the store today.  The resident Corgi at the store now resides at the Gahanna location.  The owner of Ein has rescued a third Corgi that was 50 pounds and obese but is slimming down.

I debated on getting fast food or making lunch (yeah... around 3pm) and decided to go fast food.  The drive thru was closed while their food truck was unloading which made my decision.  We came home and I had a better lunch anyway.  :)

In a few hours I'll start making batches of food!


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May. 25th, 2009 08:57 pm (UTC)
Aw, another Ein? Well, not overly surprised. I expected to meet other Corgi Eins, honestly, but have not. (Bronwyn and Foxy, but no other Eins.) I would love to adopt another Corgi, but I'm more interested in whatever dog would play well with my Ein.

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