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I've worked out two days in a row.  I feel like I should work out today but I'm not sure I want to! LOL  I alternate between the cardio and the strength training so I'm not using the same muscles.  Sammy likes to lie under the guest bed or lie on the end of the yoga mat. 

There's nothing "good" at the movies.  I have a few things waiting for me at the library but they were closed Sunday and Monday for the holiday.  I can pick up my stuff today.  :)

Found my NaNo2008 and read the first few chapters yesterday.


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May. 27th, 2009 07:20 pm (UTC)
Ein likes to lie under the master bed, possibly because neither Mr. Kit nor I could fit, so we have to coax him out rather than move him physically. He will poke his head out to lick nearby fingers and toes, but retreats back under if we try to reach him to pet. He gets rather huffy if I relocate to a different room while he is under the bed!

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