dogzilla30 (dogzilla30) wrote,

Packed Lunches

For the last year I've been making lunches for my husband and I to take to work. I try to create some variety but for the most part my husband gets a sandwich, yogurt/fruit and a granola bar. Lunches for me is a sandwich, fruit and granola bar/pretzels.

If we have leftovers I usually split it between us for lunch. With his recent trip though, I haven't had many leftovers of late so he's gotten sandwiches.

Sometimes I am guilty of giving him an "Amber Sandwich" as he likes to call it. I can't eat some stuff to begin with but I'm not a big fan of condiments or cheese. The Amber Sandwich is usually bread/meat/bread which can get a little dry from time to time. I'm okay with a little mayo. Hubby loves condiments.

This week I switched it up for him a little bit. I went to the wonderful Weiland's and got some different breads this weekend. Their bread is good but usually feeds more than two people and goes bad (aka moldy) quickly. Monday he got half of a demi baguette. Tuesday was Tuscan bread and today is plain wheat bread.

Husband loves the mustard used on the sandwiches at Bodega. I've been hunting for it for a while. Monday's sandwich had a horseradish mustard. He liked it but it wasn't the same as Bodega's. Tuesday I slipped in a treat but he couldn't figure out what it was until he mentioned the cheese. Gruyere cheese! I've only found it at a Giant Eagle and it was $21.99 a pound and sold in half pound blocks. I bought it to make Splendid Table's 21st Century Mac and Cheese (it wasn't a hit but I'll go into that another time) and still have some left.

Oh, don't let anyone tell you differently that the generics are the same as the name brands. Giant Eagle resealable sandwich bags are smaller than Ziplocs. I've tried to stuff sandwiches into the Giant Eagle ones without success.


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