dogzilla30 (dogzilla30) wrote,

Happy Girl

Who knew $1.33 would make me a happy girl?

My mother gave me a bookcase that belonged to her father.  I'll have to get the whole story on it as I've forgotten it.  I don't know if he and his family made it or if it was one that he bought.  It's real wood and has intricate carvings along the top and on the legs.  At our apartment I used it to keep all of our PC games together.

When I thought my husband had thrown away two of the shelves I was heartbroken and furious.  Fortunately, the shelves he threw away were for our old printer stand that we didn't take with us.  One shelf has been useless though as it only had 3 of the pins to hold it up so I haven't done much of anything with it.  The top shelf has our bank statements and bills to be filed away.  The second shelf has some computer stuff and TBR books.  The third has been useless and leaning onto the bottom shelf.

Today I was on a mission.  I found out the pins are metal shelf pins and went to Lowe's today to see if they had any.  I bought a package of 2 for $1.33.  I'm a happy girl.  Now I can give the bookcase some TLC and get my writing magazines organized in it.

The next mission: find the other license plate to my husband's car.

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