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Easy to Confuse a Corgi

Corgis must know where their owners are at all times.  Sammy is no exception.  On Wednesday last week I turned on the tub faucet.  While he was greedily having his morning sip I slipped out downstairs to make lunches.  After a minute or two I could hear him running up and down the upstairs hallway.

I stuck my head between the banister railing as he was running in my direction.  His look of relief and happiness was priceless.  It added an extra bounce in his step.



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Jun. 11th, 2009 01:54 pm (UTC)
This is Ein, too! Except it's me he usually needs to find rather than Mr. Kit. Unless he is alseep downstairs when I go upstairs, he's always at my feet. (He frolics. It's adorable, if a bit hazardous.) He always has to be in whatever room I'm in and at the command, "Find Mommy!" will go tearing around the house like a tiny, four-footed demon until he locates me!

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