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Misc. House Stuff

This morning I went to the basement to empty the dehumidifier.  Not only was it full, there was a bunch of water on the floor.  Apparently the water heater does not want to heat water anymore.  We still have our home warranty for another 2 weeks so it could not have been better timing!  Now if only the warranty company can get someone out here soon.  Washing my hair in cold water this morning was almost painful.

When we looked at the house it had a cool, simple lamp hanging from the basement ceiling directly over the built in work bench.  The previous owner left it and I think it only worked once.  We went to Lowe's tonight and got a chandelier cord set.  It looks like the lamp is really just a cord set with a lamp shade on it.  Let's hope this does the trick!

The ex-pro football player's house is getting some work done.  The garage was completely painted earlier in the week and now there are lamps on each side of the garage door.  All of the berry bushes by the side of the garage (and alley) disappeared today.  Last year nearly all of the fencing was replaced.  I guess this year is more outside work.

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