dogzilla30 (dogzilla30) wrote,

A Birthday

Instead of going out to a nice dinner I wanted my Northstar pancakes for breakfast.  Hubby suggested the new crepe/belgian waffle place at the North Market.  We got there around 11am but they didn't open until noon.  So we bought a loaf of day old bread and thought we'd try Warehouse Cafe.  Which no longer has Sunday hours.  I was starving so we went to Surly Girl where we finally got to have their brunch.  It was yummy.  Then I found a long necked watering can for the self-watering hanging baskets on the front porch.

We went home and my in-laws said they'd come by sometime.  After a bunch of miscommunications and weeding of the lawn, we were picked up and taken to Wendy's and Dairy Queen.  Some days fancy or gourmet just isn't in the cards.  Like I told my husband, "Sometimes the company you eat with is more important than what you eat."

Hubby bought me Ratio by Michael Ruhlman and made me two CDs.  I thought Sammy gave me the gift of silence while blow drying my hair but that didn't last.  :)
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