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Isn’t it amazing how adaptable people and plants are?

For twelve days I’ve had no hot water.  We called our home warranty company that first morning.  Plumbers, purchasing departments and so on seem to run on different time tables than the rest of us.  I was surprised to receive a phone call yesterday informing me of our two options to replace our water heater.  Who knew the home warranty company worked on Sundays?  The first option was to have the current plumber install a new water heater and pay the extra money to bring the new system up to code and the second was to give us $500 to take care of the issue ourselves.  Not wanting to delay the replacement we went with the first option.  To adapt, we’ve been heating up water for washing dishes and taking cold showers.


When we moved into our house there were two beautiful Endless Summer Hydrangea bushes on the Southeast corner yard.  This is what one of the plants looked like last summer.  Thinking it needed some pruning to get more flowers this year, I trimmed them back down to the dirt like the other hydrangea bushes around the neighborhood.  In November.  That was not good in many ways. 

Right now the bushes are either dormant or dead.  I’ll know for certain next year.  The funny thing is… the two bushes are now four.  One of the branches rooted into the ground where I could see it but I left it alone last year wondering what would happen to it.  Another branch rooted below ground which I didn’t know about.  If I had one of those round garden stakes to keep the branches straight the bush wouldn’t have reproduced.  Isn’t it funny how plants and people adapt to their environments?

Writers have to adapt to their environments or find new ones in order to write.  They change their schedules to find writing time and if they can’t write where they live, then they find somewhere else to write.  If you’re a writer, how have you adapted to your environment to write?  Or did you find more success with a new one?

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Jun. 29th, 2009 05:48 pm (UTC)
I spent a while trying to figure out how annoying it would be to live without hot water.

I suppose if you have an electric shower and a dishwasher, maybe it's not so bad.
Jun. 29th, 2009 06:05 pm (UTC)
I do nearly all of the clothes washing in cold water so we have clean clothes at least.

The diswasher is electric. I'm not sure if it uses cold or hot water and then heats it up even more.

The water heater itself is gas powered so when the electricity is out we still have hot water for baths and washing our hands. I know the hot water for the tub/shower comes from there.

Have you ever dipped your toe into a pool and it was at least 10 degrees colder than your body so you don't want to go into it? It's kind of like that.
Jun. 30th, 2009 03:47 am (UTC)
you probably use less water taking cold showers! brrrrrr
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