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Good weekend

My husband read my LJ entry yesterday and before leaving for work, he gave me a back rub. The Saint is now The Doctor! :)

My boss called me at home which was a little strange. I called him back later and he wasn't there so I left a message. We spoke in the late morning and he said he had some news for me... he turned in his resignation because he has a new job! Good for him. He said that he's not spoken about replacement plans but he imagines the company will replace him with my peer who is in Atlanta for the next few weeks. Personally, I don't think they will replace him. If they don't replace him, then it will be money out of our bottom line.

I ended up reading and finishing The Time Traveler's Wife by Audrey Niffenegger which I loved. I got caught up in the love story from the beginning. The time travel has a different approach than it normally does which makes it fresh. I started Aiding and Abetting last night.

We watched Celebrity Poker and some festival updates from Sundance. At bedtime I decided to play EverQuest. I ended up with a group in Bastion of Thunder which got off to a rocky start but ended up being a good one. Bedtime was at 4:30am. I'm barely there, but I made 66! I find it funny (and somewhat sad) that the expansion was released in November and I make 66 (66 through 70 were added with the expansion) just before the next expansion is released. I wonder how many honeys will get it for Valentine's Day? Now that I have 66, I have to figure out which rune gives me my new spells. Heck, I have to look up my new spells! The only one I know is a level 70 which lets me resurrect people for no experience but they can get a resurrect from a cleric, paladin, necromancer afterwards to regain the experience they lost.

Todays plans include an art exhibit and several movies.

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