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Butcher Block

Butcher Block
Originally uploaded by Lanadena
I think I mentioned this a few months ago... our friend had a butcher block in her basement that she and her family never used and we were welcome to have it. Finally, one day after remembering, hubby walked over there to get it and rolled it back. (She lives one street over.)

It's not what I pictured it would be (I thought it would be shorter since a lot of them are) but I'm very happy with it! Usually it's tucked into the corner by the dishwasher but when I'm working on something complicated or requiring multi-steps I can pull it out into the middle and work.

Oh, and Sammy loves to lick the metal. I'm not sure why and he's not coughing up any clues.



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Jul. 28th, 2009 07:29 pm (UTC)
Possibly some food from the top fell on the legs at some point? Ein happily licks the kitchen floor under the prep area, even when I've swept it clean of food bits. Sometimes, even if I've just washed the floor down! I think he can smell things we never could. As the Obedience Class teacher said, "When smell is your strongest sense and your nose is that close to the ground, it's hard to ignore things down there!"

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