dogzilla30 (dogzilla30) wrote,

Bacon Camp!

Went to bacon camp today.  Yes, you read that right, Bacon Camp! 

There was some artwork - letterpress stuff, a knitted scarf, a print of a bacon draped model, bacon roses and a paper mache type pig.  Contestants signed up to bring in bacon culinary creations.  Some of the items included bacon scallion cheddar cheese scones, blue cheese pear bacon scones, bacon pieorgies, corn chowder, deep fried bacon, bacon taco (which had a fancier name but I can't think of it now... corn tortilla holding a blue corn tortilla, a sweet corn relish, chipotle sauce, lettuce and bacon somewhere), calico beans with bacon, bacon wrapped dill pickles, ice cream with candied pecans blue cheese and bacon, pineapple wrapped bacon covered in chocolate and there was more after we left.

More people came than was expected so it was a little warm and I hadn't had lunch yet.  It went from 1 - 5 and we showed up around 1:30 and left just after 3:30.
Tags: food

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