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The Chairs and Funny Sammy Story

Did anyone hear the cheers from Ohio last night?  That was me celebrating. 

The two stackable metal chairs we bought when we moved to the house were pried apart last night and are now usable.  The little plastic thingamajigs that was keeping the chairs from rubbing together while stacked in the shipping box was the issue.  Hubby's uncle pried and cut them off. 

So here is a funny Sammy story that illustrates how exasperating he is at times.

Last week I bought a nail grinder for him so I could do his nails.  I put the muzzle on him but as soon as I turned the nail grinder on he began trying to attack the nail grinder.  This is the Corgi that hates the sounds of all small appliances.  Monday night I took him to the groomers for his nail trimming because they were now talons.  While I was paying up front they set him on the grooming table and began grinding his nails.  When I returned I watched them do three of his paws.  He stood there like a good dog and practically held out his paws for them to do the trimming.  Sammy looked relaxed the entire time.



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Aug. 13th, 2009 08:00 pm (UTC)
Ein is the same way! When we try to clip his nails, he writhes and wriggles and jerks around so that we either can't get a good grip on his feet or are afraid we'll cut into the pink and hurt him. When he goes to the groomers, he stands there calmly like a good boy while they clip and grind his nails! I don't know what their secret it but I wish I did.

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