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You know how I love to self-diagnose my illnesses... yesterday I think I had a migraine.  Honestly.

I have floaters in my eyes and my eye doctor told me to call her if they got any worse.  Yesterday at work they changed.  Normally they are dull little things.  These were brilliantly colored prisms of light and I could not see.  I tried not to panic since husband is out of town and I could not drive myself to the eye doctor but on the other hand it was eerily beautiful.  At one point I tried to focus on other things in the room as I thought my eyes were really tired from the computer screen. 

After about 10 minutes, just when I thought I would need to say something to my supervisor, the lights went away.  And about 10 minutes after that my headache started.  I've had sinus pressure headaches that feel like my head is being squeezed slowly but I've never seen lights like this before.

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