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Vacation Almost Done

Today is the last full day at the beach house. We have to be out tomorrow by 10am. We'll drive to Durham for lunch and then head back to Ohio.

My in-laws kept asking me if I was doing what I wanted to be doing which I thought was a little weird at first. But they did the same thing last year when my husband was with us (he's at home with Sammy).

Mostly we've stayed here in the surrounding area - Topsail Beach, Surf City and Sneads Ferry. The other day we went to the NC Aquarium at Fort Bliss and it was perfect for my nephews. It was hands-on and they got to touch starfish, stingrays and horseshoe crabs.

I haven't done any fishing although we did rent a pole this year. My bro-in-law has done that. He caught a few small fish and a stingray.

Because I only see my nephews a few times a year it takes them several days to warm up to me. Yesterday I was a construction worker who rebuilt their home, got to play in some pillow fights, played hide and seek and read them a story. Last night we went to Nikki's Chinese and Sushi for dinner to celebrate my sis-in-law getting her Master's. I ordered the California and Spicy Tuna rolls which was too much with my General Tso's combo (which included Hot and Sour soup). When the menu said two rolls I thought it meant 2 - 4 pieces of each. I got something like 12 of each. My nephews were chowing down on the edamame beforehand (which I haven't had in years thanks to the Crohn's but seems to be okay to have now) and practically ate all of their parents' sushi. They got my extras.

~C~ wanted to try the spicy tuna and I told him it was spicy but I didn't taste the sauce so I didn't think it was spicy. He wanted to try it so I gave him a piece. While he ate it I asked how he liked it. Then I realized he was still chewing and apologized for asking him while his mouth was full. When ~C~ could respond he just reached for his glass of water and began drinking it. Very funny.

My little nephew likes to play the "block" game with his food. Someone will pretend to reach for a piece and ~W~ will put his hands over his food in a protective gesture like he's blocking the person from it. It's pretty funny. He did that unprompted last night with the dish of edamame set in front of him.

I never got pictures from anyone else last year so I'm hoping that this year I do. Even though we take a lot of the same pictures it's nice to get some different angles or to get the pictures for the times we missed (like the beach time I've missed because of my sunburn).

I've read several books while here (The Accidental Demon Slayer, The Pharmacist's Mate, A Change in Altitude, Walking in Circles Before Lying Down), finished one (The Shimmer) and started 3 others.
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