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When I went to the library today, I found a Gerard Depardieu movie to rent but decided to get it from Greencine. I made the mistake of not writing the title down... I mean, how many times does he get to play a priest in a French movie, right? I know there are at least two (I've already seen one) but his IMDB list is so long, I'm not sure I'll take the time to find it.

This afternoon I had lunch at The Cheesecake Factory with two co-workers and a former co-worker. It was fun.

My husband has taken to playing on-line poker on Sunday night with some friends. I don't mind because it gives me quiet time to work on stuff and do some writing. This is their third week of playing but his second time. I didn't get to write tonight; I was busy working on laundry and doing just general pickup stuff around the apartment.

It's quite late to be going to bed on a Sunday night/Monday morning but I have to make sure the clothing for the National Kidney Foundation is ready to go in the morning before I leave.

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