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Sammy the Peace Keeper

Sammy was at the groomer today with Olivia.  An aggressive Wheaton Terrier was with Barb.  The Wheaton Terrier snapped at Barb so Sammy growled at him.  Then Sammy wanted to bark but he let out the high pitched bark/whine as Barb put the Wheaton Terrer into a muzzle. 

Barb, Olivia and the other ladies just love Sammy.  They were laughing and carrying on about what he did.  Sometimes I think they know him better than I do.  When I got there, he'd conned his way into walking freely around the back part of the grooming area.  It's so funny when they say he's a sweet boy and how much they love him.  He has been acting better lately but he's not sweet on a consistent basis.



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Nov. 5th, 2009 09:19 pm (UTC)
Ha! I know! Ein is a perfect angel for the groomers when we go get his nails clipped, but when _we_ try to clip them he's a pill! They always talk about how he's so good (and they are impressed that he knows the command, "stand") and hold still for them. Why he fusses and fights and wiggles when Mr. Kit and I try to clip his nails I don't know!

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