dogzilla30 (dogzilla30) wrote,

November 7th

Yesterday I did no writing on my NaNo.  After work I went to husband's work where I saw some short films by Robert Beavers.  Interesting stuff.

Today was Sammy's Gotcha Day.  We didn't really do anything to celebrate it but he let us sleep in until 11:30am and he rewarded with a long walk.  As usual, Sammy did climb into bed at 6:45am looking for cuddle time and some belly rubs.

I am still behind on my tv watching but am making progress in getting caught up from watching shows while my husband and I were out of town last month. 

And today I had my best writing day for the month to date.  3188 words.  This still leaves me behind but I am catching up to where I should be.  My total word count is 7219.  I knew I wasn't out of this yet.
Tags: nanowrimo, tv, writing

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