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December is Off to a Good Start!

Yesterday I picked up my half shares (for November and December) from my meat CSA and I am a happy girl. I have ideas going through my head of different things to make. The next pick-up is at the beginning of January so I have plenty of time!

Contents included:
2 chickens
2 dozen eggs
1 rabbit
ground beef
1 rib steak
1 swiss steak (thick)
1 chuck roast
6 or more pork neck bones (for soup or meat pasta sauce)

The Zoom Family Film Festival is going on at my husband's work. It's been all weekend and today is the last day. His parents came with me to see The Raiders of the Lost Ark: The Adaptation and today my parents will go with me to see Mr. Bug Goes to Town.

Most of the presents for the holidays have been bought - and nearly all are wrapped. Holiday cards are on their way from the printer (husband figured out from a spanish instruction book how to use the self-timer on our camera - the spanish one was all I could find) and I bought the stamps yesterday to mail them out.
Tags: food, movies

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