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Weekend Update

Friday the Rallos Zek raid was cancelled but most of us were ready to do something else so we did! I need to renew my magelo premium subscription so I can have all of my EverQuest equipment updates done automatically. I've been planning on using the event for a role-play story for over a year and it's finally happened. Yesterday I had stuff brewing in my head over it which kind of made me in a weird mood. I had reread the story from beginning to end and there were bits I wrote that I'm immensely pleased with.

We went to a surprise birthday party for a cousin of my husband. He's a good egg. On the way there, I mentioned how I had read some blogs and we discussed "Mommy Blogs" for a little bit. I think one reason why we don't have children (on top of all the obvious ones) is that while children are rewarding, they also bring a lot of heartache. I can't imagine what my parents went through when I was deaf. My husband has friends who are parents of a 3-year-old who might be autistic and it made me very sad. My husband said, "No, no. Read D's blog about it. She's really okay with it." After a while, I thought about Augusten Burroughs' brother who is slightly autisitc. Other than being a bit of a loner and having the ability to understand complicated mathematics, he's lived a regular life with a wife, children, etc. When I got home later I did read D's blog and she does seem okay with it.

After the party we went to my husband's work and saw Tarnation. On the way there, I told my husband about how I used to think that living with someone with a disability was a hardship that required sacrifice. Now that I'm an adult I view it more as adapting. My eyesight is worse than my husband's and both of my grandmothers had cataracts. Of the two of us, when we're older I'll probably go blind. I won't be able to read books when I want and he'll probably need to read them for me. While it upsets me that I'd have to be more dependant on him, I know that I will love hearing the sound of his voice as he reads to me. I love his voice and he knows it.

Tarnation was quite good. One thing about the movie that people comment on is the physical change of Renee LaBlanc over the years. I noticed that Rosemary Davis, Renee and Jonathan Caouette have the same eyes. I look at photo albums of my family and while I see resemblances between my mother and I, I can't see any with other relatives.

My husband has been telling me that Jonathan Caouette is a sweet, sweet guy and I have to concur. The original cut of the film was 3 hours and the second cut was 2 hours. The cut we saw is the same one shown at Sundance in 2003 and is 88 minutes. At dinner I didn't get to speak with him very much. About midnight my husband and I went home while some of the others went with Jonathan to Havana, one of the night clubs just a few blocks away from where we ate.

Today is going to be dessert day. There was cake at the party and I was debating on having a slice or waiting for creme brulee at the restaurant. We had to leave in a hurry so I didn't get cake. At the restaurant, no one spoke up about wanting dessert so I didn't get my creme brulee. I've been promised dessert at any place I want today. I haven't weighed myself yet (which I usually do on Sundays) but I'm certain I gained from last week. I drank more Coke than I normally do and felt really bloated about mid-week.

I'm still in a weird kind of mood over story ideas swirling around in my head.

Oh, and I think I mentioned that Wednesday is my boss' last day. His boss spoke to me on Friday and asked if there was anything that could be done to help make me stay. It's nice that he did that and I'm thinking about it. So far I'm thinking that I like a majority of my job but that I don't like the company I work for. Even if they give me more money, I still have a long commute, the same customer complaints about our IS department, and the same old phone system which creates more work for me since I can't record phone calls, etc. For the amount of work I do, I will never have enough time in the day to get it all done. For example, I was told in early December by one of my employees that a paycheck of his was incorrect. I finally got to tell payroll about it on Friday. I used to have a project list of 18 projects and I bet if I looked at it now that I'd have about 15 left. One of them went away because the customer took their business away before their one year contract was up. Had I gotten the project done, they probably would have stayed.

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