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Catching Up

I come up with some interesting LJ entries but don't always get to actually write them down.  *fail*

Last week, on Monday, while waiting to turn into the parking lot at work my car was rear-ended.  The doctor checked me out and said I have a cervical strain.  There are some exercises I've been doing to help it.  I told my supervisor I shouldn't work on Mondays - they seem to be bad luck for me but he didn't buy it.  The car was dropped off this morning to get fixed.

On Saturday I was convinced my monitor was going bad but now it seems okay.  It was showing red pixels in the pattern of my desktop and was especially noticeable against blue colors.  I changed my wallpaper and ran jscreen for about 30 minutes.  Since then it seems like it has gone away.

Sunday I made lunch for my parents and my in-laws.  It was nice.  My husband's boss is engaged and consolidating their belongings so we got a grill this week.  I used it for chicken breasts on Sunday.  We had a hilarious visit with my nephews who were very taken with Sammy.  They don't have any pets so that could have been their source of fascination.

Zilla would have been 14 today.  And it's hard to believe it's been 3 years since he died.  (It's easy to remember his birth and death dates since they're the same day but different years.)

Some days I struggle with Sammy, like tonight during a hail storm when he barked so much he made himself hoarse.  But I know, like right now, when he's curled up around me on the office chair that he's a happy dog and we found each other when the time was right.

I'm feeling very behind in my movie watching but I'm also okay with that.  The last movie seen in a theater was Crazy Heart on March 1st.
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