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Survived DC Traffic

I've never been really confident about my driving abilities.  I got my license when I was 17 and rarely went onto the freeways.  It wasn't until I was in my 20's and working a job that required the occasional road trip to other cities in the state that I learned I fall alseep in the car after an hour.  So when I am making a trip longer than an hour I make sure to add in extra 30 - 40 minutes for getting out of the car and walking around time.

My confidence has been really shaken since I've been in 2 accidents this year.  Been in Maryland/DC for the last few days and tonight I drove to my friend's house.  It took longer to get there than I expected.  There was a baseball game and my route took me by the stadium.  A freeway had an accident which brought things to a standstill.

Visiting here before I knew it was a slightly crazy driving city that is very different from my hometown.  For instance, the freeway in DC has cars stopped on it - not because of an accident, but because there are so many cars that are still waiting on the light to change.  I've seen two kinds of round abouts here.  One is the half round about where you don't go around at all... you just go around a circular area to end up on another street.  The other is a double round where the outside lanes branch off to the right while the inside lanes branch off slightly straight ahead.  There are barriers between the two sides and it's the oddest thing.  Also, you can have four lanes of traffic waiting to get into two lanes but each are stopped by a light.  Of course, they are green at different times.

I survived it all, including when I foolishly went down a dead end street.  It's pouring rain and cars are parked on both sides of the street.  It was really impossible for me to turn around so after I abandoned that plan, I drove in reverse very slowly until I found a driveway.

And while on the street of  my hotel, I avoided an accident.  A car ahead of me in the next lane decided to get into my lane but didn't look beforehand or couldn't see me.  Fortunately, there was an empty lane to my right.

Now I plan on having a cookie and read a book before bed.
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