dogzilla30 (dogzilla30) wrote,

Funny Sammy

1 - Last week we did an unintentional experiment with Sammy.  He always seems to know when I am home.  I was on the phone with my husband and the windows and doors to the house were open.  When I spoke to Sammy on the phone I was told he seemed very concerned for my well being.  When I opened up the garage door there was no reaction.  When I pulled the car into the driveway, and the crunched up driveway made a noise is when I heard barking in stereo.  So we think it isn't the garage door opening, but the car in the driveway that alerts Sammy.

2 - We get a write-up about Sammy from the pet sitters.  They hired a helper who met him for the first time.  Somehow, he conveyed to her that it would be okay for her to turn on the bathtub faucet for him to get a drink.  Repeatedly.  How can an animal with no English language capabilities train a stranger to do that?!?!  :)
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