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Taxes and Plumbing

Normally I don't wait to do my taxes until the last minute.  In fact, to make it more bearable, I work on it a little bit almost every week in March to have it done by April 15th.  We donated a car to Goodwill on 12/31/2009 and it finally sold in April 2010 so I'm glad I waited to mail our forms in after vacation.  What I am really happy about is that on 4/14 around midnight I decided to file everything away into the 2009 tax folder.  I found a form that didn't get entered and increased our refund.

Thursday morning when I went downstairs to head off to work I found a puddle of water and some ceiling plaster on the kitchen floor.  The leak from the bathroom that I thought only happened during showers apparently happens during baths too.  Today a plumber came out and soldered the shower valve.  It seems whenever it was installed (who knows how many years ago) it wasn't done right.  So for X number of years the water has been leaking that way.  The cost of the repair work was reasonable.  Now we'll just have to see if the plaster repair will take up the rest of the extra tax refund money.

Tomorrow morning is the last day for my Winter Meat CSA.  I haven't committed yet to doing one for the summer.  I hope there are still slots open on May 1st.  :)