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I forgot to mention I found out the answer to the question of the apartment next door to us. Yes, central air conditioning is being installed. That means our apartment is one of three that don't have it. There are ten apartments owned by the same couple.

We went out for pizza at Rubino's and saw A Door in the Floor. The pizza was good. The crust is paper-thin and the edges are slightly burnt. Yum! Yum! I admitted to my husband while we were driving there that I wasn't crazy about it the last time we went and I wondered if I even liked it anymore. It's good to know we just didn't order the right stuff last time. As it's very light on cheese, one of the keys is to order extra cheese. I noticed that most people do that.

What can I say about A Door in the Floor? It's based on a book by John Irving titled A Widow for One Year. I love John Irving. He's one of my favorite authors. I wish I could write like him; his stories make me laugh and cry. They are challenging in that you don't always know what is going to happen from Point A in the story to Point B. Some people may not get his humor. Within the first few moments of the film, I wanted to jump up and get to my writing pad. I was reminded of the time I spent pouring over my older brothers' yearbooks to know what high school would be like. All the books I read made it seem like life didn't start until high school. Boys noticed you then, adults took you more seriously, etc. There was something else that caught my attention too, but I can't remember what it was.

For a few days I stopped reading books to clear my head and give me a chance to work on my writing exercises from the book I bought on Memorial Day, the Escaping into the Open book. Unfortunately, I haven't had any time to write. Today I started reading Radio On. I am a few pages into it and am enjoying it so far. It's due at the library on the 16th or 17th so I have only a few days to get through 200+ pages. :) It is a popular item and other people are waiting for it, so I can't renew it, otherwise I would.

Well, I'm off to watch The Amazing Race which we taped last night.

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