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Different Things

I've had some different things going around my head lately that I want to write/record/do and haven't had time.

1) The conversation I had with a former employer at my husband's work at the end of January.
2) I forgot to mention I saw a clown driving last week while I was on the freeway.
3) Can't rember what else I had coming...

We went to North Market for lunch today. I got to try the famous Jeni's Ice Cream which is a favorite of the city. The Food Network taped a show there last month. After the ice cream, we bought some gnocci, some sauce and a fresh ball of mozzarella!

I watched Pieces of April and got a surprise. The story is different than the movie trailers suggested. Because of that, I think it was overlooked by a lot of people. Go rent it if you have the chance.

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