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I decided to sign up for the summer meat CSA.  This Wednesday is the first pick-up.  There are no eggs included in the shares which is a little bit of a blessing.  I still have over 5 dozen egg cartons in the refrigerator.

This weekend I got to see Iron Man 2.  Overall I did not enjoy it as much as the first one.  It was good to get out to a see a movie though.

Saturday was our Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure and I did the 5K walk.  It's gotten so large... it's about 50K people now.  My "team" from work had about 70 people signed up and I did not see a single person other than my mother-in-law.  (And that's because she picked me up.)  I use quotes for team since some of those people were let go from the company because their positions were redundent.  And their families made up at least half of our team.  I don't know if they wore their company t-shirts or not and that was the main way to know if they were there or not.

Recently I bought a heart rate monitor.  I wanted to know how I was doing on the walk but I accidently pressed the stop/start button with my wrist and only got 10 minues worth of data.  Argh!

I've been doing book reviews for Niteblade and am now branching out into interviews.  My first one is available here

Each Monday there is a book meme of which books arrived in your mailbox that week.  I think someone left a comment chastising me for participating in the meme even though nothing arrived. 

The sessions/panels I've been participating in for Coyote Con have slowed down.  I was late for the one I wanted to attend this last week by many hours so I'll catch the transcript in a day or two.
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