dogzilla30 (dogzilla30) wrote,

Birds and Strawberries

We've spent some time the last week or so watching and keeping each other updates on the red breasted robin chicks.  We thought there were three... then four... and one night  my husband thought he saw five!  We finally decided there were four.  Either the fifth didn't exist or it met with an accident.  We've managed to fill up an entire memory card with pictures and videos of them.  It was like having our personal bird channel.  Feeding time and moving around to get more comfortable were the best moments.  They were really crowded on Wednesday night and flapping their wings trying to keep their balance and in the nest.  We wondered if they would leave soon.  Yesterday when I got home I only saw one in the nest.  This morning I got a better look at the nest.  There's still one bird there but it's not one I've seen before.  It has a mottled chest.

Our wild strawberries are starting to look like strawberries.  When I tried one it wasn't ripe yet.  Yuck!  Yesterday, my husband picked up our vegetable CSA and bought some strawberries.  He set the bag on the kitchen floor.  We proceeded to eat our dinner in the tv room when my husband sees Sammy trot over to his blanket with a prize.  A strawberry!  Last year he took a little cucumber and now this.  That dog loves fruits and veggies.  When I checked what was in the CSA bag, I found his drool all over the outside of the bag of strawberries.  Usually popcorn causes that amount of drool.
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