dogzilla30 (dogzilla30) wrote,

Long Weekend

Due to the Independence Day holiday my work is closed on Monday so I have a long holiday.

Friday night we decided to take a daytrip to Pittsburgh and it was great.  At the time I would normally be at work we were on the road.  As we arrived there at lunchtime we stopped at the O for my french fries and hot dogs.  Next we stopped at the Andy Warhol Museum to see some of his work and some of Marcel Duchamp's.  While in the museum gift shop we learned Pittsburgh is the self-declared pierogi capital.  So we went on a hunt.  Eventually we made it to Church Brew Works.  Formerly a church, it's now a restaurant and brewery. We had the Cajun Risotto Fritters and Traditional Pierogies.  It was just enough food to fill us up after our huge lunch.
Tags: food

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