dogzilla30 (dogzilla30) wrote,

My favorite part of the day so far has been reading a review out loud and having Sammy lift his head from the floor to listen.  I know he didn't understand a single word but he was very interested.

Our vegetable CSA this week included leeks (though they look like green onions to me), beets, garlic, multi-colored carrots, and swiss chard.  We get a large bag of swiss chard with every batch.

I took a flash fiction workshop class at the end of last month.  Now I find I'm in a real online critique group.  I haven't belonged to one in many years when Ink Slingers disbanded.  By real... I mean one with guidelines for posting stories and reviewing stories. It's given me a little bit of a push to keep working on some of my older stuff that's been set aside.
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