dogzilla30 (dogzilla30) wrote,


I had a milestone at work today that literally had me cheering in my seat - I was given an assigned parking space.  That means when it snows I have somewhere I'll probably have somewhere to park.  (The snowplow people get to my new lot first since it is behind the building.)  And those days when I have food to bring in for folks... I don't have to walk across a lot, up some stairs and across another lot trying not to dump anything over.  The third advantage is I cut out some stoplights on my way home.  Most importantly.... no dealing with valet parking attendants!  There's a steakhouse around the corner from my work that's only open in the evenings.  They valet park in our lot. Nice cars get spun around in donuts or are driven super fast down the aisles.  The regular cars get treated like a normal car.  It will be so nice to not worry about getting hit by some crazy valet kid when I'm walking to my car.

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